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Chalet Notre Abri (Montreux, Switzerland)



The chalet Notre Abri, located in the town of Montreux in Switzerland at an altitude of 1212 m, was built in 1935 by the Association des Cheminots Abstinents. 
Railway workers   found   refuge there with their families, to share their experiences and thus remain abstinent. 
Today, the Notre Abri chalet welcomes you in a mountain setting, away from any immediate temptation of psychotropic products. 
This allows a better knowledge of the disease of addiction and facilitates the implementation of tools for recovery.


Villa Les Embruns (Mediterranean, France)


We also have the possibility of staying on the peninsula of St-Mandrier on the Côte d'Azur in France.
So we will enjoy the sea, the cicadas and the good weather, without forgetting to meet other abstinent addicts.


Additional Activities (France, Switzerland)


In addition, depending on the additional activities planned during the stay,you can stay on the 14m sailboat SERENITY or in mountain refuges.

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